Jurors in Curtis Lovelace trial speak out to "48 Hours"

Quincy, Illinois, trial of a former prosecutor charged with his wife's 2006 murder ends in mistrial

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Differing information from investigators and medical experts regarding the time it takes for medical rigor mortis to set it -- to determine when Cory Lovelace died -- was a problem for some jurors, who spoke with "48 Hours" correspondent Maureen Maher.

The group of six talked candidly about the facts of the case, the battling expert witnesses and why they ultimately could not agree on a verdict after deliberating for 16 1/2 hours over two days.

In 2006, the Adams County, Ill., coroner labeled the cause of Cory Lovelace's death "undetermined." The case was closed until 2012, when a newly-promoted Quincy detective reopened the case and uncovered what he believed was the cause of death: suffocation.

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There was an 8-year lapse in the investigation into the death of Cory Lovelace -- the original pathologist had the advantage of examining the body, while subsequent pathologists had only photos and reports from the police and medical experts.

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