Judge Larry May Be Coming To A Screen Near You

(AP Photo/Alan Diaz)
Broadcasting and Cable reports that Judge Larry Seidlin, who rose to fame while presiding over the Anna Nicole Smith burial case, is about to hold a series of meetings with various producers to discuss coming to television. The flamboyant and emotional judge has reportedly had "at least 200 phone inquiries from TV recruiters," though legal experts have been less than enthusiastic about his performance on the bench.

"His performance over the past week was so bad, so unseemly, and so inappropriate that the Florida bar ought to immediately launch an investigation into whether he is truly fit to determine the rights and liberties of others," wrote CBS News Legal Analyst Andrew Cohen, who was far from alone in that assessment. In February, a letter from the "Saturday Early Show" to Seidlin leaked to the press; in it, a producer wrote that "I have been extremely impressed by your compassion in the Anna Nicole case and I would love to discuss with you the idea of being our judge on a new segment, `Morning Justice.'"