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Judge jails infomercial pitchman over spending

CHICAGO A federal judge in Chicago has sent infomercial pitchman Kevin Trudeau to jail for violating court orders to stop his over-the-top spending and pay a more than $37 million fine.

Trudeau has claimed he has no money to pay the fine, which stems from alleged false claims about his weight-loss book.

Lawyers for the Federal Trade Commission presented evidence Wednesday that Trudeau has spent $900 at a liquor store, $920 on cigars and $359 on two haircuts.

Judge Robert Gettleman told Trudeau to discuss his assets with a court-appointed receiver while in jail and return to court Thursday.

Gettleman told Trudeau: "This is not an infomercial. You can't talk your way out of this."

In July, Gettleman froze assets Trudeau allegedly controls and held him in contempt of court.