Judge jails infomercial pitchman over spending

WASHINGTON - AUGUST 22: The best-selling book 'Natural Cures' by Kevin Trudeau stands on display at a Borders bookstore August 22, 2005 in Washington, DC. Trudeau was formerly jailed for fraud and ordered by the U.S. government to stop selling health products through television infomercials.
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

CHICAGO A federal judge in Chicago has sent infomercial pitchman Kevin Trudeau to jail for violating court orders to stop his over-the-top spending and pay a more than $37 million fine.

Trudeau has claimed he has no money to pay the fine, which stems from alleged false claims about his weight-loss book.

Lawyers for the Federal Trade Commission presented evidence Wednesday that Trudeau has spent $900 at a liquor store, $920 on cigars and $359 on two haircuts.

Judge Robert Gettleman told Trudeau to discuss his assets with a court-appointed receiver while in jail and return to court Thursday.

Gettleman told Trudeau: "This is not an infomercial. You can't talk your way out of this."

In July, Gettleman froze assets Trudeau allegedly controls and held him in contempt of court.