Judge denies Chicago murder convict's release after attorneys say DNA clears him

Nevest Coleman

Courtesy CBS Chicago

Last Updated Aug 24, 2017 8:09 PM EDT

CHICAGO -- A Chicago man serving a life sentence for a 1994 rape and murder will remain behind bars as authorities investigate new DNA tests that his attorneys say prove he's innocent.

On Thursday, Cook County Judge Dennis Porter denied a motion filed by attorneys for 48-year-old Nevest Coleman, saying releasing Coleman now would be "premature."

Coleman's attorney, Russell Ainsworth said it was a "travesty" to keep Coleman locked up behind bars while authorities investigate forensic tests that he says shows DNA from the victim's underwear matches a serial rapist and not Coleman or his co-defendant Darryl Fulton.

The two men were convicted by a jury after they confessed to police to the crime but they have maintained those confessions were coerced by Chicago police detectives.