Jonathan Josey Update: Judge to rule in case of Phila. cop caught on video hitting woman in the face

(CBS) PHILADELPHIA - Final testimony and closing arguments were heard Tuesday in the trial of Jonathan Josey, a former Philadelphia police lieutenant, charged with striking a woman at a Puerto Rican Day celebration last September, CBS Philly reports.

The incident was caught on tape, and the subsequent investigation led to Josey's termination from the force.

Police officers testified that a beer-drinking crowd was out of hand, that bottles were breaking around them, that cops were being doused in liquid, and insults were being shouted as the crowd was ordered by police to move back in order to clear the area around several officers involved in the process of arresting a motorist, the station says.

It was during that time, says Josey, a lieutenant in the Philadelphia Police Department's highway patrol, that he ordered 40-year-old Aida Guzman of Chester, Pa. to drop her beer bottle, the station reports.

According to CBS Philly, Josey said that when she didn't, he attempted to swat the bottle with an open hand from her and "was shocked," he said, when he saw her fall to the ground.

Guzman, through a translator, testified that she was struck with a closed hand to her mouth. She said she was bleeding as she was arrested. Guzman said she did not throw beer on any officers, the station reports.

But, according to the station, a police officer testified that he did see her throw beer.

The next court date is scheduled for February 26, 2013. That's when the judge is expected to announce if Josey is guilty or not guilty of simple assault against Guzman.

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