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Jon and Kate Plus 8 Finally Sell Their Starter Home

It's a made-for-TV story with a sort-of happy ending.

After months of not being able to sell their first home, Jon and Kate Gosselin have finally become home sellers.

According Zillow's blog, realty television stars Jon and Kate finally sold their Elizabethtown, PA starter home, located at 2190 Andrew Avenue, Elizabethtown, PA 17022.

But they didn't make money on the deal - not by a long shot!

The house is familiar to viewers of the once-popular "Jon & Kate Plus 8" show on TLC. It was originally listed for sale in March, 2009 for $325,000. According to Zillow, after 10 months, a price reduction (in September, to $299,000), a lien, a divorce, and a massive lawsuit between Jon and TLC (the settlement of which was also announced today) the home sold for $258,000.

That's 21 percent below the original list price and some $22,000 less than the couple paid for the home in 2006. The loss likely doesn't include the cost of fixing up the home after the cameras departed. (Want to see what the house looks like now?)

According to Zillow, 14 percent of all homes in Elizabethtown sold for less than the previous purchase price in December. The Zillow Home Value Index for Elizabethtown, PA is $153,900, down 3.6% from the prior year.

Don't feel too bad for Jon and Kate. Kate's busy fixing her hair extensions and shooting another new show for TLC. And, now that his lawsuit has been settled, Jon's latest show can't be far behind.

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