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John McCain: "Complete the Danged Fence"

Sen. John McCain is out with a new ad for his Arizona Senate primary in which he discusses the issue of illegal immigration with a border sheriff who tells the former GOP presidential nominee, "You're one of us."

Though tiny print at the bottom of the ad informs viewers that Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County is "appearing only in his personal capacity," Babeu appears in the spot in uniform, giving the impression that he represents all border patrol law enforcement.

"Drug and human smuggling, home invasions, murder," McCain says as the spot opens. He is seen walking with Babeu, seemingly next to a border fence.

"We're outmanned," Babeu responds. "Of all the illegals in America, more than half come through Arizona." He then goes on to tell McCain that the senator's border security plan is "perfect" because it brings together various law enforcement.

"And complete the danged fence," McCain says, as the URL appears onscreen.

"It'll work this time," Babeu says, adding: "Senator, you're one of us."

McCain, who has called for National Guard troops to be deployed to the border, is facing a primary challenge from former Rep. JD Hayworth. Hayworth has hammered McCain relentlessly for supporting "amnesty" for illegal immigrants in the past.

The former Republican presidential nominee has moved to the right on a number of issues during the primary campaign.

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