John Kerry's new challenge: Selling Iran nuclear deal to critics

Kerry on safeguards in Iran nuclear deal 02:59

Now that a tentative agreement has been reached to limit Iran's nuclear program, how can Secretary of State John Kerry win over Congress? In an interview with CBS News State Department correspondent Margaret Brennan, Kerry said U.S. lawmakers need to "look at the facts."

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"Look at the access we will have to their nuclear facilities, the tracking of their uranium, the oversight of their promises that they have made with respect to this, the accountability we will have," Kerry said.

Critics argue Iran has a long history of attempting to hide its nuclear facilities from international inspectors. According to Kerry, the Islamic republic will no longer be able to do that.

"We have a whole new system that we designed and that they accepted and worked on to absolutely answer that question. So that we now have a guaranteed access," Kerry said. "If they don't provide it, the sanctions come back."

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Kerry also repeated his calls for members of Congress not to impose new sanctions.

"New sanctions now would clearly be unnecessary, given what we've been able to achieve and yes, it would have a profoundly negative impact on this," Kerry said. "It would be highly irresponsible to simply break this apart by now stepping in the middle when the measure of this agreement, I believe, can stand the test of scrutiny."

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  • Margaret Brennan

    Margaret Brennan is moderator of CBS News' "Face The Nation" and CBS News' senior foreign affairs correspondent based in Washington, D.C.