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Joe Sestak: "I Will Stand Up to My Party"


A Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday morning reveals that Democratic U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak is trailing Republican Pat Toomey 43 percent to 50 percent among likely voters in the race for Pennsylvania's U.S. Senate seat.

But in an interview on's "Washington Unplugged," Sestak said he is confident that his strong record -- along with the support he has received from President Obama and Vice-President Biden -- will get him over the line.

He also pointed to his willingness to break with his party.

"Am I a Democrat? Yes," Sestak told CBS's Shira Lazar. "But when the Democratic Party was wrong, I bucked the system. I have already demonstrated that no matter what, even if it costs me my job, I will stand up to my party."

Sestak is among an extensive group of politicians who have been 'cyber squatted'- that is, had what would seem to be a domain name belonging to them purchased by their competitors. has been bought by the Toomey campaign and is currently being used as part of a strategy to discredit Sestak.

"I think he is kind of envious of our position," Sestak said when asked about the tactic. "Why else would he take my name? In reality it is deceptive and misleading. I guess that is what politicians do."

Sestak also went after Toomey stating that he is exactly typical of what is wrong with Washington, DC.

"My opponent goes to Congress with the largest budget surplus in the history of America in 1999. He leaves six years later with the biggest budget deficit in the history of America," he said.

Added Sestak: "If there is a Washington Insider - this guy is it."

Check out Wednesday's Washington Unplugged above, also featuring CBS News Senior National Security Analyst Juan Zarate with this week's "Flash Points" and CBS News' Shira Lazar with a look into the Midterms and Domain Name 'Cyber-Squatting.'

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