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Joe Jackson: Dr. Murray is "Just a Fall Guy," My Son was Murdered

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NEW YORK (CBS) Joe Jackson, father of the King of Pop, told CNN's Larry King Monday night he believes Dr. Conrad Murray is "just a fall guy," and that there are other people involved in Michael Jackson's death.

Photo: Joe Jackson at the 2009 BET Awards in Los Angeles.

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Dr. Conrad Murray, the performer's doctor, was charged with involuntary manslaughter, Monday. CNN reported Joe Jackson sat in the courtroom while Murray pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Joe Jackson told Larry King that he, along with this family and Michael Jackson's fans, all believe that the charge was not enough.

Photo: Dr. Conrad Murray arrives at the Airport Courthouse in Los Angeles on Monday, Feb. 8, 2010.

PICTURES: Michael Jackson: A Final Farewell Photos

"He got off too easy in court today," Joe Jackson told Larry King. "I'm looking for justice and justice to me would be the murder charge."

Joe Jackson told CNN, if Murray was interrogated enough, "he would come clean and tell everything he knows."

Joe Jackson also alluded to a vague conspiracy to kill his son. Speaking of his planned concert tour before his death, Joe Jackson told King, "He couldn't do all those shows back-to-back. Even his kids say that he had told them that he would be murdered."

Latoya Jackson stated she will not rest until all individuals involved are "brought forth and justice is served," CNN reported. The King of Pop's sister also believed that "Michael was murdered and although he died at the hands of Dr. Conrad Murray, I believe Dr. Murray was a part of a much larger plan,"

Michael Jackson's death was ruled a homicide by the L.A. County Coroner. CNN reported he died from a combination of drugs, mainly propofol and lorazepam. The doctor was reportedly with Michael Jackson when he died. He remains out on bail and could face up to four years in jail if convicted.

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