Job Seeking After 50? 7 Rules To Remember

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At 80, the new Florida Marlins baseball team manager, Jack McKeon (pictured to the right with George Bush), is the second-oldest manager in the history of major league baseball. Recently he told CBS News: "Why should experience be penalized. I did think that no one would rehire me because of the age factor, but no, I'm not too old." And the way he has turned around the Marlins season (ending their 11-game losing streak and having them win 9 out of the 11 since) is proving his experience to be very valuable.

But baseball isn't the only industry that has a tendency to bench great workers as they get older. According to AARP, recent figures show that when people over 55 are unemployed they stay jobless for 10 more weeks on average their their younger counterparts.

So how can you use your experience to your advantage? I spoke to two career experts in the field -- Gail Geary, J.D., C.M.C. and author of Your Net Career, Do What You Always Wanted To Do and The Over-40 Job Search Guide, and Carol Silvis, M.E.D. and author of Job Hunting After 50, and asked for their best rules for working a job search after 50. Here's what they said:

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