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Joan Rivers Goes Inside Lives of Newly Rich

The multi-talented comedienne Joan Rivers has done it all. But she's not slowing down.

The 76-year-old is back for a second season of her TV Land show "How'd You Get So Rich?," in which she interviews self-made millionaires and billionaires about their lifestyles and their secrets to getting the big bucks.

Photos: Joan Rivers

For the TV show, she's talked with a range of entrepreneurs, from the creator of the famous "Clapper" device, that turns appliances on and off, to the famous "Chia Pet."

She explained the TV show is all about showcasing the diversity of wealth and its influence.

"(The rich featured) all live differently. I thought it was going to be very repetitious. But one lives in the biggest house in the Hamptons. Another lives still in a one-room apartment. Beautiful apartment, so he remembers the simple life. Because he's so surrounded by opulence. They all live differently. Some of them have their trophy wives. And some of them have the wife that they grew up with. Some have gorgeous homes. And some buy art that's really pornography and they don't know it. (I'm like) 'You haven't noticed what's happening on those statues?'"

Rivers is also the subject of a new documentary called "Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work." The film will be released in theaters in June.

For more with Joan Rivers and "How'd You Get So Rich?," click on the video below.

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