Jmaal Keyes Missing: Search continues for Middle Georgia State University student

Photos of Jmaal Keyes from CBS Newsaffiliate WGCL

(CBS/WGCL/AP) COCHRAN, Ga. - Jmaal Keyes, a 19-year-old college freshman at Middle Georgia State University, has been missing for nearly two weeks. Keyes was last seen in Cochran, Ga. on campus on April 25 according to CBS affiliate WGCL.

PICTURES: Missing Ga. college student

His family reported him missing a few days later.

"We've prayed on Sunday and now we're trying to put that into action. We're going to spread flyers, talk to people, speak with classmates, as well as take a $3,000 reward," the church's pastor told the station.

Keyes' friends said nothing seemed out of the ordinary the day he disappeared. However, investigators report that the phone carrier disconnected his cell phone on the same day that he disappeared, reports the station. Authorities have not specified whether Keyes requested this or if it was due to non-payment.

Keyes' family stated that he did not own a car or any credit cards, so it is impossible to tell where his last transactions were made.

Various law enforcement agencies are working together in the search for Keyes, including the campus police, the Bleckley County Sheriff's Office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.