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Jimmy Smits Quits 'NYPD Blue'

It looks like another detective is leaving the force on NYPD Blue.

Actor Jimmy Smits, who plays Detective Simone on the drama series, told syndicated columnist Liz Smith that he plans to leave the show after this season, his fourth. Smits will appear in up to a half-dozen episodes next season to help phase out his character.

Smits joined NYPD Blue to replace David Caruso, who left to work in movies but is now starring in the CBS drama Michael Hayes.

Smits said he wanted to do other things as an actor.

"We are looking at cable movies, feature movies, and we are even talking to ABC about things that might happen in the year 2001," he said. "The support I have had on NYPD Blue has been incredible, and there was a lot at stake in the beginning. I feel now I can walk away and know I achieved what I wanted with the show."

Smits said he wanted to "rest any rumors that this is a big drama or anything like that."

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