Jimmy Hoffa: No visible remains found in dig beneath Mich. driveway

Roseville driveway where search was conducted
WWJ Photo/Mike Campbell

(CBS) ROSEVILLE- Police searching for Jimmy Hoffa's body say that no visible human remains have been found in the dig conducted on Friday morning in a Roseville driveway, CBS Chicago reports.

As curious onlookers and media outlets looked on, soil samples were taken from the driveway based on a man's claim that he saw a body buried there 35 years ago - the same night that Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa went missing.

Roseville Police Chief James Berlin said that the search has been a bust so far.

"Kind of like you I watch TV too and, you know, on TV they always get that evidence cool just like that. So, yeah, we were kinda hoping that when we brought something up there would be something very evident there ... that's not the case," Berlin told reporters gathered outside the home on Florida Street, near 12 Mile and Gratiot.

On Friday, the State Department of Environmental Equality dug six feet down and pulled out two tubes of dirt and clay after a ground penetrating radar detected a shift in the soil beneath the driveway last week.

CBS Chicago reports that the soil samples will be sent to a forensic anthropologist at Michigan State University where they will be tested for human decomposition. Results are not expected back until Monday.

Scott Burnstein, a local mob expert and author of "Motor City Mafia," told the station that the area in and around Roseville may have been a hotbed for mob activity during Hoffa's era but that it is highly unlikely that Hoffa's remains were buried. Many believe that his body was destroyed.

The FBI refused to comment on the dig.

Hoffa was last seen July 30, 1975 outside of a restaurant in Oakland County, Mich. CBS Chicago reports that sources say the government has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the decades-long hunt for Hoffa including a search beneath a swimming pool and at a Milford horse farm.

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