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Jetliner Dumps Luggage Over Chicago

Several pieces of luggage are missing from a Delta Airlines flight that left Chicago's Midway Airport yesterday, and authorities say they apparently fell out somewhere over the Chicago area.

The Delta flight operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines was forced to circle back to Midway shortly after takeoff after the crew detected a problem with pressure in the cabin. A cargo door was improperly secured and two bags fell out.

After making made an emergency landing back at Midway, the crew determined that one of two cargo doors on the 70-seat regional jet had opened during the flight, causing the pressure problem and allowing the bags to escape, Delta Director of Corporate Communication, Maria Schnabel told CBS Station WBBM.

The Atlanta-bound flight was carrying 63 passengers.

No one was hurt, and passengers were reassigned to another flight.

The missing luggage hasn't been found.

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