Jersey Shore town bans saggy pants

Police patrol the boardwalk in Wildwood, N.J., where a ban on saggy pants is set to take effect.
CBS Philadelphia

WILDWOOD, N.J. Saggy pants maybe in style for some, but it's not the rage in one Jersey Shore town.

Starting Tuesday, that "look" is going to cost you if you're caught on Wildwood's boardwalk, CBS Philadelphia reported over the weekend.

Beachgoers reacted to the new ordinance.

"I actually like that they banned it," said Handan Palmer.

"I don't think the government should have control over what we wear, however, I don't want to see people's underwear."

"We saw some short shorts, but no saggy pants yet," said Maggie McKenney.

No ban on short shorts just yet, but pants may only be three inches below the waist. Shirts and shoes are a must after 8 p.m. Police are patrolling the boardwalk, handing out warnings to violators.

"We haven't seen anything yet, hopefully the ban will work," said one beachgoer.

Police say they will be walking the boardwalk using their discretion, but saggy pants could get you a $200 fine or 40 hours of community service.