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Dramatic bodycam video shows shootout at Jersey City kosher grocery store

Jersey City, New Jersey — Just-released video offers a glimpse at what officers faced during a deadly shootout at a kosher grocery store in Jersey City in December, reports CBS New York.

The body camera video shows one officer's point of view as he aims his gun out a school window toward the two suspects in the market across the street.

"I think he's down. I've got a gun on the ground. Nope, he's still moving. Behind the wood," the officer can be heard saying.

The officer then changes positions inside the school, running past a set of lockers and through a classroom filled with desks.

At one point, he clarifies his position, telling dispatchers he's the one firing from the second-floor window.

"It's an officer. That's friendly inside of Sacred Heart. I said again, friendly blue," he says.

The rampage left three civilians dead inside the store, but the crime spree started at a cemetery where the suspects, David Anderson and Francine Graham, gunned down Jersey City Police Det. Joseph Seals. Anderson and Graham were killed in the hours-long shootout.

From there, they drove a stolen U-Haul toward the kosher store for their apparent anti-Semitic attack.

More video released Thursday shows the moment the suspects pulled up, parked and stormed toward the store with rifles in hand and began shooting.

Bystanders can be seen running away and armored police vehicles eventually pull up to the scene.

As officers close in, they take positions on all sides, including a post in the school building across the street.

Police battered down the storefront with an armored vehicle and found the two suspects dead inside along with the three civilians.

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