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Jerry Sandusky wrote a book called "Touched"

Evening News Online, 11.06.11
Sunday: Penn State's former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky is charged with sexual abuse of underage boys; Also, Mississippi gets closer to banning abortion with no exceptions; Plus, program helps female veterans battle addiction.

(CBS) - Years before Jerry Sandusky was indicted on charges of sexually abusing boys, the former Penn State football coach wrote a book about his life. Over a period of ten years, beginning in 1991, Sandusky worked with former equipment manager and Penn State journalism student Kip Richeal to record what Sandusky called a "unique" life. What they eventually produced, in 2000, was the book "Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story."

In the introduction of the book, Richeal, who was born with hip dysplasia and is disabled, describes an "odd" question posed by Sandusky when they first met:

My first real contact with Jerry Sandusky came from a rather odd question he posed to me: "How much do you weigh, young man?" I was puzzled, because I knew he wasn't interested in me as a linebacker, but I told him I weighed about 95 pounds. "Get up on that scale," he ordered. I did and the locker room scale topped out at 96. "Not bad," Jerry said, trying to sound as mean as possible, "but you still have some work to do." Sensing my confusion, Jerry stared at me and continued. "We gotta get you up to 100 pounds before you're ready to fight me." Fight him? I barely knew him. "When you get to 100 pounds, it's gonna be you and me in the center of the locker room in a boxing match. Then I'll show you who the real boss is. It'll be you and me eyeball-to-belly button."

In an interview with, Richeal explains that he had no cause for concern during their meeting.

Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story
Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story

"Now, you know, I'd be kind of uncomfortable," Richeal said. "But I had no reason to be then. It was just a running gag because I weighed under 100 pounds. He'd say, you know, 'We gotta put some meat on those bones.'"

"I want to believe it's not true," Richeal said of the allegations against his friend. "The person I knew, I never ever saw anything like that."

Sandusky dedicated "Touched" to "all the people who have touched my life." As for his own life, Sandusky started the second chapter of the book with this:

I had always professed that someday I would reap the benefits of maturity, but my lifestyle just wouldn't let me. There were so many things I had done in my life - so many of them crazy and outlandish. But I have always had fun, and one this is for certain: My time on this earth has always been unique. At the times when I found myself searching for maturity, I usually came up with insanity. That's the way it is in the life of Gerald Arthur Sandusky.