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Jennifer Lopez on upcoming Super Bowl halftime show: "It's like winning the Oscar"

JLo on Super Bowl: "Like winning the Oscar"
Jennifer Lopez on Super Bowl halftime show: "It's like winning the Oscar" 03:27

Jennifer Lopez recently earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role in the hit movie, "Hustlers," and an Oscar nomination could be next. It would be her first.

But in an interview with "CBS This Morning" co-host Tony Dokoupil, she said she feels like she's already won after being invited to perform the Super Bowl halftime show in February.

"It's like winning the Oscar. It's the biggest show that there is. It has the biggest audience," Lopez said in an interview that will air this weekend on "CBS Sunday Morning." "You get to have, like, this big production. Like, you don't get to do that on tour. You know, everything's, like, budget conscious. And you can do this. And you can do that. And it's a different experience. And I think it's just like a fantasy for all musical artists to be able to play the Super Bowl and have like that 12 minutes of an amazing show. And then I don't know. There's just something exhilarating about it."

Lopez said she and Shakira have been rehearsing their own songs separately at the moment, but they'll "do something together for sure."

"English? Spanish?" Dokoupil asked.

"I think with us you can expect that, you know, like a combination of that," Lopez said. "A little of both."

"I mean, it's in Miami. You know, and we're both Latin artists... We bring that flavor. And I think that's gonna be exciting and a new thing that, you know, hasn't been on any other Super Bowl," Lopez said.

Watch Lopez's conversation with Dokoupil this Sunday, Dec. 22 on "CBS Sunday Morning."

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