Jennifer Capriati, former tennis star, accused of battery, stalking by ex-boyfriend, report says

6626811 Jennifer Capriati of US celebrates win against Nathalie Dechy of France at Wimbledon, England 2004/6/27
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Jennifer Capriati in Wimbledon, England on June 27, 2004
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(CBS) -- Former tennis star Jennifer Capriati was questioned for numerous battery and stalking allegations stemming from a Valentine's Day domestic incident at a Florida health club, The Palm Beach Post reports.

Pictures: Ex-tennis star accused of stalking, battery

Police said there was probable cause to arrest 36-year-old Capriati for "battery for punching and pushing" her ex-boyfriend Ivan Brannan Jr. and "stalking Brannan on a constant basis from phone calls, text messages, showing up at his gym, his place of work and following him" in recent months, according to a police report.

The former world No. 1 player was not arrested and it was unclear Saturday whether she will be charged, according to the newspaper. It will be up to a judge to decide whether to issue an arrest warrant.

Natalie Mikolich, a spokesperson for Capriati, denied the allegations and called them "an over-exaggeration," according to the Post.

Brannan reportedly complained about Capriati's behavior to the police eight times since they ended their 10-month relationship in February, the newspaper reports.

According to the Feb. 14 police report, Capriati walked into a health club in North Palm Beach, Fla. and punched Brannan four times in the chest. A yoga instructor broke up the fight and Brannan locked himself in the locker room and called the police. He later showed them the red marks on his chest, the Post reports.

Capriati reportedly drove off after the incident, and police pulled her over blocks away from the gym. Mikolich called the police report "one-sided" and said Capriati "will have a new announcement in the upcoming days," according to the newspaper.

Brannan also provided police with seven other incident reports in which Capriati allegedly harassed and stalked him constantly after their break-up, according to the Post. Police advised Capriati in June 2012 to avoid contacting her ex-boyfriend.

Brannan reportedly tried to get a court injunction in August 2012 for protection against Capriati, but he was denied.