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Jenn Sterger sues ex-manager over Brett Favre texts, pics

Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger (PICTURES): X-Rated Pic Report Gets NFL Review
Jenn Sterger (Personal Photo)

(CBS) - Jenn Sterger is suing her former manager Phillip Reese over the explicit texts, messages and photos she allegedly received from star quarterback Brett Favre that she gave Reese in confidence when seeking advice on how to handle the scandal.

Pictures: Jenn Sterger

According to the lawsuit, which is similar to another suit she filed against Reese last month in Florida, the alleged incident occurred in 2008, but the pictures weren't leaked to until August 2010, two years later by an unknown source, reports CBS affiliate WTSP.

The current lawsuit demands Reese return the x-rated material, known in the suit as the "Sterger Materials," and to stop acting as her management.

The New York Post reports that there is fear Reese may use the "Sterger materials" to write a tell-all-book about the Favre scandal.

"She never gave them as a gift for them to keep and use as they saw fit. These are her materials, they were private materials. Again, they weren't materials she leaked to the media," one of her attorneys, Kenneth Turkel, told WTSP last month.

Turkel and Sterger's other attorney, Jeff Brown, say the former New York Jets employee still does not know who leaked the pictures and messages.

The NFL investigated the pictures Favre allegedly sent to Sterger in 2008 when she was working as a sideline reporter for the New York Jets. Favre was eventually fined $50,000, but it wasn't for the text and phone messages; instead it was for his failure to cooperate with the investigation.

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