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Jen Tops Brad At Weekend Box Office

There was no sales slump at the box office over holiday weekend. Ticket sales soared with big openings for some of Hollywood's biggest names, reports CBS News correspondent Meg Oliver, and for their fans there was no bigger face-off than between the new movies starring those star-crossed former lovers -- Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

"Marley and Me," (starring Aniston) the story of a loveable lab and the family who try to control him took the box office crown, taking in $37 million over the weekend -- $52 million since it opened Christmas Day.

Brad Pitt starred in the romantic fantasy "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." That film was third at the box office -- hauling in an impressive $27 million for the weekend.

"Audiences were really looking for an emotional movie over the holidays and I tell you, every guy in that theater for 'Marley and Me' that I was at was crying, it did the trick," said entertainment journalist Michael Hundgen. "The other movie, 'Benjamin Button,' was a little longer - almost 2 hours, 45 minutes and because of that it screened on less screens per day."

Maybe so. But for their fans, this was a battle about more than screens per day.

"The gloves came off in this one," Hundgen said. "For the past couple of weeks in the trades and in the glossy magazines, they've been going back and forth."

Another surprise at the box office -- Tom Cruise -- who did better than predicted as his World War II drama "Valkyrie" came in fourth for the weekend despite mixed reviews.

Some solace for Brad Pitt fans - "Benjamin Button" has been nominated for five Golden Globe Awards, while "Marley and Me" was shut out. Stay tuned …

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