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Jealous alpha male monkey "attacks" man at zoo

(CBS) - First off, the good news is that no one is injured during the course of this video. So you can watch without having to worry about anything terrible happening. That doesn't mean you might not be startled by what occurs in the short clip, though...

Wow, right? That monkey is seriously committed to going after the guy!  The video was posted by YouTube user NRucker5 who writes about it:

This is at the cafe inside the Memphis Zoo. The manager of the cafe told me that the alpha male monkey noticed me the second I walked in the door and started going crazy, because, as the alpha male, he feels threatened by tall males. So she told me to go stand by the window and turn my back on him and that he would "attack" me...

So did the end of the video catch you all a bit off-guard, too?  I think it's a very, very good thing there was some thick glass between him and that monkey, and definitely want to thank NRucker5 so much for sharing the rather scary moment with us all!
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