Jay Z to hold Ohio concert for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has yet another celebrity heavyweight pulling for her: Jay Z. 

The rapper is planning a “get out the vote” concert aimed at black voters in Ohio prior to election day, a Clinton aide told CBS News. 

Jay Z and his wife, Beyonce, have always been fairly close with Barack Obama, and Beyonce was spotted at a Clinton fundraiser last year hosted by music magnate L.A. Reid.

Clinton has been working hard for the black vote in battleground states, meeting up with groups of black voters to discuss their concerns. 

During a recent trip to Charlotte, North Carolina, she met with a group of young African-American men and visited a black church, two weeks after a police shooting there caused days of protests.

“Like every grandmother, I worry about the safety and security of my grandchildren. But my worries are not the same as black grandmothers,” Clinton said. 

In Ohio, the Clinton campaign has been working to reach out to black women in particular -- women make up the majority of the African-American vote there. The Clinton campaign has also launched “Souls to the Polls” in Ohio, an effort to transport black churchgoers straight to early voting locations after Sunday services once early voting begins.

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