Jay-Z releases video from subway ride

Jay-Z rides the subway to his concert at the Barclays Center in New York.

Footage of Jay-Z taking the subway to his last show at Brooklyn's Barclays Center hit the Internet in October, but now new footage from the event has been released from Jay-Z's own cameras.

The video shows the rapper, surrounded by his bodyguards and fans, stepping into the R train as he takes a seat next to artist Ellen Grossman, 67, who didn't initially know who Jay-Z was.

"Are you famous?" Grossman asks Jay-Z. He responds, "Yes," but then he cheekily says, "Not very famous, you don't know me."

As they continue to talk, Grossman asks him what he does and also asks the rapper what his name is again, to which he responds with his full stage name - Jay-Z.

"Oh you're Jay-Z! I know about Jay-Z," she says.

Grossman told The Guardian, "We had such a nice conversation and then it became obvious during the conversation that he was very famous."

The exchange is part of a 24-minute video called "Where I'm From" that features behind-the-scenes footage of his opening concerts. The video was posted on Jay-Z's website Life + Times.