Jawbone headsets just got easier with The Nerd


(CBS) - Those of you who use a Bluetooth headset understand how annoying the process of syncing with devices can be. That's about to end thanks to a new device from Jawbone.

The Jawbone Icon HD + The Nerd bundle was released for purchase online on Tuesday.

While the Jawbone Icon is not new, it did get some neat upgrades. Thus the HD. The speaker got a 25-percent increase in size and enables high-definition sound. It boasts better listening quality for music, movies and, of course, phone calls.

That's all great, but we think the real story is curiously named "The Nerd." So what is it?

Jawbone's press release stated, "The NERD is a Wire-Free USB audio adapter that makes connecting the ICON HD to any USB-equipped device as visceral as plugging in headphones, but without the mess of cords."

In plain English, users can plug in the USB adapter and it will simply work. No more syncing involved.

Is it the right headset for you? According to Nicole Lee at CNET, "The Jawbone Icon HD is a perfect solution for those who want an easy-to-pair headset that will work on any Bluetooth-enabled PC or phone." The bundle is currently available online for about $139.99.

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