Jason Schwartzman: Bill Murray a "god of comedy"

Jason Schwartzman on "CBS This Morning."
Jason Schwartzman on "CBS This Morning."

(CBS News) Actor Jason Schwartzman has learned a lot working alongside comedy legend Bill Murray in movies like "Rushmore" and "The Fantastic Mr. Fox."

"It's not like he says something, you know, that's like a nugget or something of advice, it's just the general way he works and carries himself," Schwartzman said Wednesday on "CBS This Morning."

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Schwartzman, who recently worked alongside Murray in Wes Anderson's latest film "Moonrise Kingdom," called the star "mystifying."

"When I'm around him, I sort of feel like this is a god of comedy, like the president of comedy or something," Schwartzman said. "I just look at him and stare at his face and his hands and his body, and I'm just like, 'What is it about this person that makes him so incredible?'

Schwartzman laughed describing a long car ride with Murray. "One time I was actually - he doesn't know this, but I'll say it - one time I was sitting next to him. We had a very long car ride and he dozed off. I did just stare at him for like 25 minutes or something in the car. He slept deep. He looked relaxed."

"Moonrise Kingdom" is now in select theaters.