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James Kingston climbs to (such) great heights

(CBS News) Do not try this at home kids, I repeat, do not try this at home.  James Kingston apparently likes to live life on the edge - quite literally. He enjoys long walks on the beach as well as climbing, hanging and jumping from very, very high structures. The awe-inspiring (and semi nausea-inducing) video shows Kingston climbing a crane 250 feet in the air. (Without a harness, or a rope, or a buddy to catch him!) And if climbing to such great heights wasn't enough, he then hangs FROM ONE ARM from the darn thing. Go ahead and see for yourself in the video above if you don't believe me (and even if you do), as it is pretty unbelievable.

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And this isn't Kingston's first life-risking adventure. He reportedly conquered many daredevil feats since becoming a "freerunner" and practitioner of the modern sport of parkour -- in which buildings, street furniture and other structures are a platform for spectacular acrobatic stunts. (Check out his Facebook and YouTube page for more of his moves.) Though this latest crane stunt, which he performed in his hometown of Southampton, England, has gained him notoriety.

While you couldn't pay me enough to try this (heights aren't my thing, and I have to pop a Xanax to even get myself in a cab on the way to a flight), the spectacular view is quite breathtaking -- I just wish he would have kept two hands on the bar. Though, according to his YouTube page, he had no plans of dying, writing: "I didn't go up there to die. I went up there to live." I'll just enjoy it vicariously, thank you very much.

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