A Small Town Hits The Lottery

In the small town of Roby, Texas, people were down on their luck. But then their luck changed, in a big way. Forty-three of them hit the lottery, and overnight, struck it rich. 48 HOURS reports on the unpredictable results of this unlikely event.

The tale begins when Peggy Dixon, who organized the lottery pool, drives to Carson's Longhorn Liquors in Sweetwater to purchase the tickets. From the moment the winning numbers are announced, Lagattuta follows the winners - and a few of those who did not share in the luck.

Lance Green, who earns $11,000 a year working at a cotton gin, decides that after winning, he wants to make a difference in Roby and runs for mayor.

Bob Terry is practically in tears as he explains how he passed up the opportunity to be in the pool. His daughter-in-law also missed the chance to buy a ticket and watches her business collapse as several of her relatives celebrate their big win.

Jim Carson, the owner of the store where the winning ticket was purchased, decided to get into the pool at the last minute. Not only did he become an instant millionaire, but also he later received a retailer bonus of $500,000 from the Texas Lottery Commission.

Many of the other lucky winners spend their money on major purchases, from new farmland to pick-up trucks to luxury vacations. Viewers also meet one extremely thankful couple who were on the brink of filing for bankruptcy until they won the lottery.