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Ivanka Trump defends her father's campaign style

Gayle King interviewed Ivanka Trump on Thursday Forbes Women's Summit
Ivanka Trump opens up about family and politics 27:48

NEW YORK -- In an interview with "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King for the Forbes Women's Summit, Ivanka Trump defended her father's campaign style on Thursday.

She told King that Donald Trump's rhetoric may be harsh, but he had to stand up for himself against his 16 competitors.

"Do you think your dad plays nicely with others?" King asked.

Gayle King and Ivanka Trump at the Forbes 4th annual Women's Summit in New York City. CBS News

"It depends in what context," Trump said. "He was running against 17 people, and they were spending tens of millions of dollars in negative advertising, and hitting him, so he was hitting back."

"He has a pretty tough punch, but it's almost always a counter punch," she continued.

Ivanka Trump also called her dad an inspirational and passionate leader, saying she is not surprised by his success.

Trump and Ryan find common ground in meeting 08:50

However, some of that "counter-punching" hasn't exactly gone over well with many in the GOP. Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee, he's working overtime to make nice with party leaders.

Trump met with House Speaker Paul Ryan behind closed doors Thursday, who called the meeting productive but did not endorse Trump just yet.

Watch part of King's interview with Ivanka Trump above, and see more on CBSN and Friday on "CBS This Morning."

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