ISP: Leggo My Leg, Bro

On today's show: A battle over an amputated leg; a lawmaker's topless trip up; and a transsexual car thief.

I did not intend for today's show to have a theme, but one sort of came together subconsciously. Like a CSI episode, it is "ripped from the headlines." Unfortunately I mean the headlines of the "strange news" section.

For example, two North Carolina men who are fighting over a human leg left in a barbecue smoker. This has been on the "most popular" lists for a couple of days, but I finally found some great video, including interviews with the two men.

John Wood lost his leg in an accident, but decided to keep the limb. He wants to someday be buried with it. I'm a little fuzzy on how it got placed into a smoker, but I know that when some of his items from a storage locker were auctioned off, the leg was included in the lot.

Now, the man who bought the smoker wants to keep the leg. He seems convinced that this lifeless limb is his ticket to fame and fortune.

You just have to see this.

And we have also included a story about a local District Attorney in the New Orleans area who had his SUV stolen from a Marriott parking garage—by a transsexual hoping to score money for a sex change.

Very ISP.

And the last story made me chuckle this morning. An Ohio state representative was giving a lecture to high school students about how a bill becomes a law. Somehow, a photo of a topless woman made its way into his media material.

I would have paid admission to see his face. He says he has no idea how the photo made it into his memory stick.