Is the Petraeus affair box-office ready?

CIA begins investigation into Petraeus affair
FBI officials have already said their investigation into the scandal which brought down David Petraeus has not turned up any threat or damage to national security. But the CIA has begun its own internal investigation. CBS News' Bob Orr reports.

(CBS News) When the water cooler talk gets going about the David Petraeus sex scandal, it seems like everyone agrees on one thing: it would make a great Hollywood movie.

Hollywood, however, isn't so sure -- yet.

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The now former CIA director's seems to have all the elements of a juicy, Hollywood tell-all: a heroic family man at the height of his powers, his affair with a much younger, beautiful biographer in war-torn Afghanistan brought down by her jealous cyber-stalking of a potential rival. It practically screams "coming to a theater near you." But something's missing.

Literary agent Judi Farkas said, "It's impossible to know what the movie is without knowing how it ends."

Farkas helped bring another politically-charged true story to the big screen -- the current Oscar front-runner "Argo," which tells the inside story of the Iranian hostage crisis.

Farkas said, "The level of heroism and excitement and thrills to me, the fact that it's a true story, can compete with any fictional story out there, and we so rarely get those kinds of stories."

"All the President's Men" and "Charlie Wilson's War" are examples of movies that worked -- true stories that gave us a glimpse behind the curtain of the most secretive offices in the country. But does the Petraeus story do that?

"The story has to be bigger than just the two people involved, and I think that's why you didn't see the Eliot Spitzer story and the Anthony Weiner story," Farkas said.

Hollywood is still hungry for politically charged, real life dramas. The upcoming "Zero Dark Thirty," about the killing of Osama Bin Laden, also has action and a dramatic ending -- unlike the Petraeus affair.

"We don't know what's there now and the indications of what we do know don't indicate that it's going in that direction, but possibly," Farkas said.

And if does, you can be sure Hollywood will try turn Petraeus' downfall into a box office windfall.

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