Is Baby Gabriel Johnson Buried Under 50 Feet of Trash? San Antonio Police Begin Grim Landfill Search

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SAN ANTONIO (CBS/AP) Police in San Antonio have begun the grim process of sifting a landfill to find missing infant Gabriel Johnson, last seen with his mother Elizabeth Johnson in December.

Photo: Gabriel Johnson.

PICTURES: Baby Gabriel Johnson Missing

San Antonio Police Chief William McMannus said, "We are doing everything that we can to track down baby Gabriel and hopefully we'll find that baby alive." McMannus told CBS affiliate KPHO the search is part of a dual homicide and missing person investigation.

Photo: Elizabeth and Gabriel Johnson.

PICTURES: Baby Gabriel Johnson Missing

The landfill search has been delayed for weeks by bad weather, but it could still take another week before searchers get to an area that could contain evidence left behind by the mother, including perhaps, little Gabriel's body.

"We will begin by removing 50 feet of debris. Once we've removed debris and searched our target area, we will begin the arduous task of sifting through layers," McMannus told KPHO.

Photo: Logan McQueary and baby Gabriel.

PICTURES: Baby Gabriel Johnson Missing

Gabriel Johnson was last seen with his 23-year-old mother in San Antonio on Dec. 26, 2009. The Arizona woman was arrested Dec. 30 in Florida, and charged with kidnapping, child abuse and custodial interference.

Before her arrest Elizabeth Johnson sent the baby's father, Logan McQueary, a text message saying she had killed Gabriel, and also told him she put the baby in a diaper bag and threw it in a trash bin.

She has since recanted and refused to talk to investigators.

Meanwhile, the missing person investigation continues as FBI investigators questioned a pizza delivery driver located by KPHO on Monday. Tabor Morris delivered an order to Elizabeth Johnson at the Homegate Hotel in San Antonio on Dec. 21. The receipts he provided indicate she may not have dined alone.

"Let me say this, the San Antonio community is a very tight community, and it takes very personally crimes against children, and the community will not tolerate this, the police department will not tolerate this," McMannus said.

PICTURES: Baby Gabriel Johnson Missing

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