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Irvine Cops End Search For Biohazards

Authorities on Saturday removed the last of 27 canisters packed with plastic explosives and other hazardous materials from the home of doctor suspected in an assassination attempt on his business partner.

As soon as health inspectors clear the home of Dr. Larry Ford, who killed himself March 2 as police sought to question him, residents of 49 nearby homes were scheduled to end a four-day evacuation.

Ford, 49, shot himself to death a day after police searched his home as part of the investigation into the wounding of James Patrick Riley.

Authorities now must untangle a bizarre story of attempted murder and suicide, CBS News Correspondent Manuel Gallegus reports.

According to Ford's attorney, Bryan Card, investigators say Ford was leading a double life.

The police informed Mrs. Ford that her husband had been working for the CIA for the last 20 years. They had called upon him from time to time to help him, because of his expertise.

"The family did not know this," said Card.

Police and FBI agents found 21 canisters under a false floor in Dr. Ford's home, Lt. Sam Allevato said Friday. They were filled with thousands of rounds of ammunition, including belted machine gun rounds.

They found six more buried in his yard. "We don't know what's inside, but we believe they are filled with illegal weapons and hazardous materials," Allevato said.

Forty-nine homes and a school near Ford's home were evacuated before digging started.

Friends say Ford was a gun collector, which would explain some of the findings.

In another twist, Ford may also have worked for the South African government, as a military consultant for biological weapons. The South African Embassy in Washington is investigating that report.

Almost immediately after the botched Riley shooting, police focused on Ford. The partners were trying to market a vaginal suppository to combat AIDS transmission and believed the product would make millions of dollars.

Before police could question Ford, he committed suicide. Card said Ford left a suicide note, indicating he thought he had been set up.

"He asked those left behind to prove it," Card said.

Police have arrested Ford's longtime friend Dino D'Saachs, 56, of Altadena, as the getaway driver in the attempted hit. Police are still searching for the shooter.

Riley, who is in seclusion, issued a statement saying Biofem had no involvement with toxic or hazardous chemicals.

"I want to assure everyone that the work at Biofem does not, nor has it ever in the past, involve the use of toxic chemicals," the statement said. "Additionally, there are no toxic substances of any type involved in the creation or testing of our products."

Ford was scheduled to be buried in Provo, Utah Friday. According to his obituary, Ford attended Brigham Young University and was married in the Church of Latter-day Saints Salt Lake Temple. The obituary also sad Ford was serving as a temple worker in the San Diego Temple.

Meantime, a grand jury is investigating and hundreds of residents remain evacuated as this strange tale develops.

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