Iranians protest Trump's decision on nuclear deal, fearing renewed sanctions

Protests in Iran over nuclear deal
Protests in Iran over nuclear deal 01:54

TEHRAN, Iran -- In Iran, demonstrators took to the streets of the capitol to protest the U.S. leaving the 2015 nuclear deal.

The hardliners didn't waste any time, and by late afternoon, they'd arranged a noisy demonstration. In front of the old American embassy, we saw a crowd chanting "death to America" and setting the American flag on fire.

Some students are cheerleaders for Iran's Revolutionary Guard, who don't want Iran opening up to the world, and who have no time for America.

"I think Trump is crazy," one person said.

They never liked the nuclear agreement, or JCPOA, that shut down Iran's nuclear program, and some would like to see it up and running again soon.

As we spoke to the students, an older man came up to tell us he wasn't a part of the demonstration. He told us what millions of ordinary Iranians are saying, that the nuclear deal hasn't delivered on the promise to improve their lives. But now, after President Trump pulled out, they're facing even more hardship under renewed sanctions.

"I haven't [a] good job, I am very worried about my future and my family," he said.

We asked if he's prepared for hard times.

"I think very harder than today," he replied.

Then, clearly worried about eavesdropping from the regime's spies, he added, "I've got fear when I am talking to you in this country."

The mood is gloomy, as Iranians from all walks of life feel like hostages to their own repressive, corrupt government, and to an inexplicably hostile White House.

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