Investing Or Gambling?

GENERIC google internet web mouse
This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
Do you Google? Do you own a computer? When I first discovered Google I knew it was the coolest thing. I used to tell people about it and they would thank me for weeks.

Eventually just about everyone was Googling and that's when Google stock went public. Well, Google stock went over $400 this week. And I must confess I'm one the idiots who has watched from the sidelines as Google has made its dizzying rise.

Don't you hate that when every time you look at a stock, you think, "Well its too late for me," and the stock keeps rising? Is it over-priced now? Is the bubble about to burst? Is investing in Google, investing, or simply gambling at this point?

Every time I pick up the paper I read about yet another Google initiative. This week it was Google moving into online classifieds. Brilliant. Google never stops growing, so the stock should keep growing, right? Unless it doesn't.

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By Harry Smith