Investigation of 911 call that was put on hold for 40 minutes

DETROIT- Detroit Police Chief James Craig says he's launching an investigation after a 911 call about a robbery in progress was allegedly put on hold for 40 minutes, CBS Detroit reports.

The station says early on Wednesday morning, two thieves crashed a vehicle into the windows of a local grocery store, Lafayette Foods, and took off with a safe filled with narcotics from the pharmacy.

While the crime was taking place, the station says a 911 call was made to authorities, but it was more than a half hour before cops showed up at the scene.

Craig said that's unacceptable.

"I'm not happy about this," Craig said. "They crashed in and I understand that allegedly, because it's still early in the investigation, but allegedly our communications center held the call for 40 minutes. That's not our protocol... We prioritize our calls to service crimes in progress. So, there's an expectation if there are no available units, that you find an available unit anywhere in the city."

This the third time this month that Lafayette Foods has been a target of robbery, according to CBS Detroit, and Craig says he'll launch an internal investigation into the delay.

"I don't know if [the owner] complained, but I'm complaining," Craig said. "I'm complaining because there's a crime in progress -- well, the owner did mention, now that we're talking about it, that he's been a victim three times in a month."

The theft was captured by security cameras nearby. A manager claimed that it took only 3 minutes for the criminals to enter and leave the store.

Police ask anyone with information on the crime to contact police at 313-267-4600.