Interview With Erin Noreen

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In an interview with CBS News Correspondent Jim Stewart, Erin Noreen, a hunter from Montana, talks about her Remington Model 700 rifle. The following is a full transcript of the interview.

Erin Noreen: "I was holding the gun just like this. I just went to take the safety off and it fired. Plain and simple, it fired."

Jim Stewart: "You know what people are going to think?"

Noreen: "I know what people are going to think. That it was my fault, that I did something wrong. I did nothing wrong."

Noreen: "Because no one was killed should not make it something that should not be looked at. This is a problem, in my case, no one was injured. I don't trust the safety on this weapon and never will again."

Noreen: "I believe Remington needs a recall. I need to send this gun in and whether they can fix the problem or give me a different model gun that does not have this problem. And if they go bankrupt, so be it. It was their fault for putting it out there in the first place."

Noreen: "I’m an unhappy consumer and luckily I have not had a tragedy because I could have easily have shot myself or my father that day. I didn’t — thank god."

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