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Install a Treasure Trove of Open-Source Software with Just a Few Clicks

Remember Ninite? One of my favorite tools of 2009, it enables you to download and install dozens of freeware and open-source applications -- a great solution for anyone migrating to or setting up a new PC.

Zeusoft's ZeuAPP is an automated software installer that takes a slightly different approach, but with a similar end result: fast and easy deployment of about 80 popular freebies.

ZeuApp organizes everything into tabs: Audio, Video, Office, and so on. Pick an app you want, click Download (or Visit Website if you want to learn more about the software), and then sit back while the utility retrieves and installs it.

ZeuApp itself requires no installation -- just run the program and presto, there's your app dashboard. It's too bad you can't queue up multiple apps for installation like you can with Ninite, but I like the way ZeuApp provides a bit of introductory info about each program -- great for folks new to the open-source/freeware universe.

Whether you're setting up a new PC or just looking for one-stop shopping for some great free software, ZeuApp is one seriously handy tool. [Addictive Tips via Lifehacker]

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