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Instagram hit 5 million users, here are 50 incredible photos

Instagram photos
Instagram photos Instagram

(CBS) - If you're not already using Instagram, the iPhone app that manipulates mobile photos in a matter of seconds, you're going to want to.

In case you didn't know, Instagram makes ordinary folks into photographers and photographers into superheroes. Really.

All a user has to do is snap a photo, select a "look and feel" and voila! Instagram automatically edits the picture better than a novice photoshopper.

The photo-sharing app recently hit 5 million users over the weekend and nearly 100 million uploaded photos. It took image- and video-hosting site Flickr two years to reach that benchmark, which Instagram has succeeded at in roughly eight months.  

For a company that has only four employees, that's pretty amazing.

Threatening Instagram's success: Facebook's soon-to-come photo-sharing app. TechCrunch reports they've gotten a hold of screenshots and documentation about the upcoming program and it looks "awesome."

Regardless of what you use to take pictures, one thing's for sure, we can all be "photogs."

Check out 50 of the most incredible Instagram photos we could find:

Ysolt Usigan
Ysolt Usigan

Ysolt Usigan is the editor of lifestyle and technology for women at

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