Inside a secret Syrian rebel TV channel

Inside the Syrian opposition channel Syria al-Shaab studio in Jordan
CBS News

(CBS News) With Syria's Bashar al-Assad unwilling to step down, the Syrian opposition is fighting not just on the battleground. It is also fighting from outside Syria -- an information war.

From a secret location in Jordan, a handful of journalists are risking everything to make sure the world doesn't turn its back on Syria.

The opposition channel Syria al-Shaab - meaning Syria of the people - broadcasts powerful and graphic amateur video and live reports from inside the war zone.

Summer Ajlouni left a comfortable life in Virginia and moved thousands of miles away to help launch the channel with her Jordanian father.

"Everyone who has a cell phone or a camera is a journalist now. They want to tell the truth, they want to show people what was going on," Summer said.

Because it's available in Syria, it gives hope to those caught up in the violence that the horrors they're witnessing, the world is seeing too.

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It also means the Syrian regime is watching. Since the channel started broadcasting a year ago, the employees have faced daily threats from those loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Most of the staff don't want to be identified.

Syrian anchor Qutaiba al-Khatib knows of the dangers firsthand. They burned down his family's house. They killed his cousins. They threw his brother in jail.

They showed CBS News their extensive network of trusted contributors - their own war correspondents.

It's not hard for agents of the regime to hunt them down inside Syria...and out.

The journalists here are doing it at a great personal risk.

Khatib said: "Coming to work is dangerous. Going home is dangerous. Being here is very dangerous. It could be really easy for someone to try and attack us. We do this for a cause so nothing stops us."