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Inouye Says Ted Stevens Has Never Lied To Him

The first defense witness appearing on behalf of Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) was his longtime colleague, Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii).

Inouye's testimony was a solid boost for Stevens.

"I have never known him to lie," Inouye said of Stevens, his friend and colleague of nearly 40 years. "I don't remember Ted Stevens ever telling a lie to me or someone in general."

"I can assure you that his word is good. As far as I'm concerned, good enough to take to the bank," Inouye said. "I have never known him to lie under oath. I don't expect him to."

As World War II veterans and senators from states that recently joined the United States, Inouye and Stevens forged a close bond, one that includes their respective families.

"I'm proud to have his daughter Lily call me 'Uncle Dan,'" Inouye said.

Prosecutor Nicholas Marsh tried to get Inouye to answer theoretical questions about how he would feel if someone lied to him, but Inouye wasn't having any of it.

When asked on redirect by Stevens' attorney, Brendan Sullivan, whether Stevens had a reputation for integrity, Inouye said: "Absolutely."