Ingram Hill: Hard Work Paid Off

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Good old-fashioned "Hard Work" is the secret of Ingram Hill's success.

Ever since they met at University of Memphis five years ago, the Tennessee-based rockers have been playing local clubs all over the country, sometimes nearly 300 different venues a year.

After their self-financed debut album sold more than 20,000 copies, Hollywood records took notice and signed them up.

On The Saturday Early Show Second Cup Café, they perform "Chicago," "Almost Perfect" and "Will I Ever Make It Home" from their latest CD, entitled "June's Picture Show."

With this record, the Tennessee natives make their major label debut. The vocalist says in the group's Web site that the songs were inspired by an old fling.

"I was devastated when it ended, but I'm thankful for it now," he laughs. "It's provided me with tons of material. I look at it as an emotional investment."

And to those who have not heard the album, he describes it as "pop rock with a Southern twist."