Ines Sainz (PICTURES): New York Jets Will "Cooperate" in Reporter Locker Room Probe

The next day, the Jets issued a statement, saying owner Woody Johnson spoke to Sainz to discuss the incident. "He stressed to Ines that he expects all members of the Jets organization to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times," the statement said. The team also said it would work with the league to gather facts and "take any appropriate steps necessary to maintain a respectful environment for the media."
Ines Sainz (PICTURES): New York Jets Will "Cooperate" in Reporter Locker Room Probe
Ines Sainz (

NEW YORK (CBS) Four days after Sportscaster Ines Sainz says she was "dying of discomfort" due to the "rude" behavior displayed by the New York Jets during a practice on Saturday, head coach Rex Ryan said the team is "here to cooperate."

PICTURES: Ines Sainz, Jets Reporter

"I think everyone knows me well enough and we want to have an environment here where everyone is comfortable," Ryan said during a Tuesday press conference.

While Sainz, a reporter for the Mexican network TV Azteca, was working on a story about quarterback Mark Sanchez, she had footballs thrown in her direction by several players and a Jets coach. Players later called out to her in the team's locker room.

"I don't know all the specifics of what is going on," Ryan during the press conference. "The NFL is here, I can tell you that today. They are here investigating. We're open. Whoever the NFL wants to talk to - I'm not sure who it is - but we'll let that play out."

Sainz has generally downplayed the incident, but explained to CBS News' "The Early Show" on Tuesday that the moment she walked into the Jets' locker room, everyone started talking about her and making jokes.

"I decided not to pay attention. I was focusing on my interview so I go direct to the locker of room of Mr. Sanchez and I wait for him," she said. "But I believe that the rest of the media start to hear the different kind of things that I didn't hear. And sometime in a minute, a colleague [said], 'Come with me, and I'm so sorry...It's terrible. I feel sorry for you.' So I tried to say, 'Don't worry, I can handle the situation.' And that's it. And I don't even try to pay attention."

Sainz says she trusts the NFL and believes they will take the appropriate action in regard to the incident.

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