In Vegas, Salahis Definitely on the Guest List

Tareq and Michaele Salahi, the so-called "White House party crashers," seem to be trying to make the best of their rise to infamy: The Washington Post reports that the couple will be the official "hosts" of an evening at Pure nightclub, described as a "cavernous Vegas Strip hot spot," on January 16th.

According to TMZ, the couple will be paid $5,000 for the appearance, plus amenities like a limousine and a free suite at Caesar's Palace, though that figure is unconfirmed.

"We go after entertainers or acts that really capture the public's imagination, and we think the Salahis have," PR director Michael Gilmartin told the Post. "We threw out an invitation, and they accepted."

The newspaper reports that past and future "hosts" at Pure have included 50 Cent, Tonya Harding, Emmanuel Lewis and "Penthouse Pet Taylor Vixen."

The Post also offers this quote from Gilmartin – and we're not entirely sure whether or not it's meant ironically: "The Salahis met President Obama, and you can come to Pure and meet the Salahis. Everyone gets their 15 minutes, and people want to come to the club and rub up against that. They'll go home and put it up on Facebook: 'I got my picture with the Salahis!'"