In Search of Marc Anthony Bookal, 4, Police Divers Return to Hudson River

(AP/Newburgh New York Police Dept)
(AP Photo/Newburgh Police Dept.)
NEW YORK (CBS/AP) Newburgh police have once again sent divers into the Hudson River in the hopes of finding Marc Anthony Bookal, a 4-year-old boy who went missing Dec. 14 while being watched by his mother's boyfriend.

Photo: 4-year-old Marc Anthony Bookal, missing since Dec. 14

Newburgh Police Lt. Charles Broe Sr. said police divers are concentrating on a stretch of the Hudson River near where a search dog caught Bookal's scent soon after he disappeared from his family's apartment.

Broe said that detectives also searched on foot over the weekend hoping to find some clue as to what happened to the young boy who was last seen at about 1 p.m. in his family's Newburgh, N.Y. apartment, about 65 miles north of Manhattan. When the boy disappeared the mother's boyfriend, Cory Byrd, was getting himself and the boy ready to visit friends.

Byrd told police that he turned around and saw the front door open and Bookal was gone. He and neighbors searched for the boy before calling the police.

Photo: Cory Byrd was watching Marc Anthony when he disappeared.

Several concerned citizens have donated reward money to find Marc Anthony. As of Dec. 24, five local donors have pledged a total of $16,000 for information that could lead to solving the case, according to The Mid-Hudson News.

Byrd, who was supposed to be watching the boy when he disappeared, has since been charged with endangering the welfare of a child. He was also charged with a parole violation. He's being held in the Orange County Jail.

Broe said Monday that authorities still aren't calling Byrd a suspect in the boy's disappearance.

Bookal is described as light skinned with brown hair and a medium afro haircut. He stands 3 foot-6 and weighs about 42-pounds. He has discolorations on the back of each hand from a previous hand injury. He was last seen wearing a red, long sleeved shirt with white Nike uptown sneakers and gray Rocawear sweatpants.

Anyone with information should contact the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services at 1-800-FIND-KID (346-3543) or contact the Newburgh City Police Department.

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