In Pa., Clinton to Discuss Housing Plan

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

NEW YORK, NY - After taking Easter weekend to relax with family at home in New York, Hillary Clinton is back on the campaign trail, campaigning in Pennsylvania today where she is scheduled to deliver what her campaign calls a "major policy speech" on the current housing crunch.

Clinton's plan is being billed as a "second stimulus package focused on housing" according to her campaign website. The new plan, which she will unveil at the University of Pennsylvania, calls for an emergency $30 billion housing fund aimed at providing direct assistance to homeowners at risk of having their homes foreclosed.

The plan also takes aim at the prospect that during the current mortgage crisis, many families may be forced out of their homes. She argues that will leave behind empty and abandoned structures, places that breed crime and promote vandalism, causing the value of surrounding homes to drop as a result. Her plan would allow communities to purchase abandoned homes as a preventive measure.

Clinton first laid out an economic stimulus package back in December, but that plan was aimed at helping to curb rising mortgage prices, primarily for millions of Americans with subprime mortgages. That plan includes tax incentives to help jumpstart the slowing economy.

Later today, Clinton will host a "Women for Hillary" event and a "Solution's for America" rally in other parts of the Keystone State.