In N.C., Clinton to Talk About Economy

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

WASHINGTON -- Just one day after Barack Obama delivered a speech on the economy in North Carolina, Senator Hillary Clinton makes her first visit to that state with the same focus. According to the Clinton campaign, she will make several stops today with the economy as the main focus in what is being billed as the "Solutions for the American Economy Tour."

Part of Clinton's economic focus will be on creating jobs and eliminating tax credits for companies who move jobs overseas. Campaign spokesman Mo Elleithee says Clinton will focus on "job training and re-training" and will unveil a $2 billion job training and re-training program for displaced workers to upgrade their skills.

Elleithee says Clinton will push the point that she offers "solutions for the economy" and that America needs a leader who will "roll up their sleeves to get the job done."

But on the back burner, remains the question over whom, if anyone, will former presidential candidate and Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., endorse before the May 6th primary. Campaign sources seem to think Edwards is torn between supporting Clinton, who he agrees with on health care, and Obama, who has increasing support in the Democratic party and is perceived to have fewer ties to special interest groups.

It remains unclear if an Edwards endorsement would make a difference in the minds of voters, but as one campaign source mentioned, they would rather "have endorsements than not." The source was also quick to point out that Sen. Ted Kennedy's, D-Mass., endorsement of Obama did not help him win that state on Super Tuesday.