In Defense of Facebook at Work

When I wrote on Tuesday that execs should ditch their Facebook habits, the comments came back fast and furious. Several folks make good arguments about why Facebook is actually a useful business-networking and stress-relief tool.

joduff wrote:

I think that, for younger executives, Facebook will grow in importance and can be used as a business tool (to an extent) as applications etc. grow. Beware, though if you're posting daft stuff on there, though.
Webconomist added:
Certain businesses are very relationship oriented in regards to their sales teams. Services like Facebook can be an excellent means of prospecting for leads and bolstering loyalty post-sale.
ShanIng said:
I like Facebook and have used it successfully to promote my book...I smile or laugh when someone writes on my "fun wall" or sends me a silly gift, and that smile can reverse the ill effects of an hour's worth of serious work stress.
jeffreyr87 chimed in:
I use Facebook and it is a valuable resource for keeping in touch with friends my age (twenties) who also work in business environments.
And finally, IggyPin opined:
In 1-3 years, the customers, prospects and business partners (that) management will be selling, marketing and servicing will have grown up on Facebook. If you don't know what they're doing, saying, feeling or interacting, you're a dinosaur. Wake up and stay connected to what people are using in droves -- staying away from online networking means you lose touch and credibility.
Thanks for the thought-provoking feedback! And for those who haven't already commented, add your two cents in this poll.

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